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Drawing a Dispensational Chart of THE WHOLE BIBLE

Dispensationalism or rightly dividing the word of God is when you apply verses to the right people at the right time period because it’s crucial to interpret the Bible correctly. Wrong doctrine often arises from applying scripture to the wrong people or time period, which can cause confusion in many of us.

To avoid confusion, a chart based on Clarence Larkin’s chart of the whole Bible will be used to depict different dispensational salvations for different people throughout different time periods.

Time Period

Creation Conscience Law 1st Coming  

Church Age



2nd Coming


Books or Verses Genesis 1-3 Genesis 4-50, Job Exodus-Malachi Matthew–John Acts, Hebrews-Revelation (JW&CH)

Romans-Philemon (CH)

(End times verses)

Matthew- John, Acts, Hebrews, Revelation

Kingdom verses
Notable People Adam and Eve Noah and Abraham Moses and David John the Baptist and Jesus Apostles (JW & CH) and Paul (CH) Jesus Jesus
Intended Application Those living at the time Those living at the time One people: OT Jews Jews (end times events) and Christians Jews and Christians Jews Humans without sin


Mode of Salvation Conscience Conscience Upholding of law Upholding of law Faith Faith and works

Works without faith

*Verses for Christians in other books that are not in Romans-Philemon are not applicable to us today

*JW = Jewish

*CH = Christian